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Announcement Redemption of 2 % of BTRX Tokens

2017-05-03 14:58:34    Author:    Category:    Tags:BTC,ETH,DASH,ETC,DOGE,BTS   

We are glad to announce the redemption of 2 % of outstanding BTRX Tockens this month. 
These BTRX tokens were deducted from affected accounts’ balances and CNY at the full face value were added instead (For those accounts without enough BTRX balances for this redemption, they were omitted).
You may check the detailed records at your BTRX and CNY deposit pages.

Dividend from our profit (10% of the profit) was also distributed to BTRX holders.

We have completed 14.017% of the redemption process so far.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

May 3, 2017