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[XCP] CounterParty Wallet Download and Info

  • Name: CounterParty
  • Symbol: XCP
  • Launch: 2014-01-02


Counterparty is a protocol for the creation and use of decentralised financial instruments using Bitcoin as a transport layer. The protocol's native currency, XCP, is un-mined and slightly deflationary, with 2.6 million XCP created by burning bitcoins in January.


  • Release date: 2014-01-02
  • Total coins: 2600000
  • Supply: 0
  • Market Cap: - BTC
  • Algorithm:
  • Block time: - sec
  • Block reward: -
  • Retarget: -
  • Proof: -


Reviews (Total: 48)

  • Anonymous Innovation:2 Marketing:3 Prospects3

    Earn Satoshis while you play. Play a complex space simulation. http://www.satoshigalaxy.com/?r=rehbell

    2017-03-22 03:40:57 Tips(XCP) Upvote(0) Downvote(0)
  • **errgut Innovation:3 Marketing:1 Prospects1

    Bettel Party

    2016-11-21 09:16:14 Tips(XCP) Upvote(0) Downvote(0)
  • **jhan Innovation:0 Marketing:0 Prospects0

    Can you tell me for how long will withdrawal be disabled?

    2016-09-24 14:56:53 Tips(XCP) Upvote(0) Downvote(0)
  • **dreybter Innovation:0 Marketing:0 Prospects0

    withdrawal disabled!!! bter hacked??

    2016-09-21 22:37:48 Tips(XCP) Upvote(0) Downvote(0)
  • **nca030 Innovation:1 Marketing:1 Prospects1

    Witdraw doesnt work!! 2016.03.21

    2016-03-21 23:10:46 Tips(XCP) Upvote(0) Downvote(0)
  • **1nergolbert Innovation:1 Marketing:1 Prospects1

    year i mean. next year it works perhaps. Or we have luck and some other bagholder buying our cheap xcp

    2016-03-19 16:26:18 Tips(XCP) Upvote(0) Downvote(0)
  • **1nergolbert Innovation:1 Marketing:1 Prospects1

    @ **n.daswani No ... think we are bagholders here. Perhaps next near it works again

    2016-03-19 16:24:19 Tips(XCP) Upvote(0) Downvote(0)
  • **n.daswani Innovation:0 Marketing:0 Prospects0

    any one knows how to reach support on phone? this looks like a scam exchange. i have bought xcp and i cannot withdraw...wallet is disabled.

    2016-03-19 09:17:01 Tips(XCP) Upvote(0) Downvote(0)
  • **1nergolbert Innovation:1 Marketing:1 Prospects1

    Witdraw doesnt work!! 2016.03.18

    2016-03-18 21:02:46 Tips(XCP) Upvote(0) Downvote(0)
  • **ckFheman Innovation:0 Marketing:0 Prospects0


    2015-09-02 10:31:24 Tips(XCP) Upvote(0) Downvote(0)
  • **nrique.4752 Innovation:0 Marketing:0 Prospects0

    agora e a hora de subir

    2015-02-07 23:58:02 Tips(0.004XCP) Upvote(2) Downvote(0)
  • **ackykites Innovation:0 Marketing:0 Prospects0

    **ike (dyike)? No, it's not. it even says in the coindesk article counterparty plays a part, and they are underplaying it. Watch Judd's Speech from 2 week ago, XCP is still a part of medici and nothing. changed from 2 weeks ago. Only dense people that didn't listen then panic sold today below 0.005.

    2015-02-06 04:25:08 Tips(0.004XCP) Upvote(1) Downvote(0)
  • **ike Innovation:1 Marketing:1 Prospects1

    ackykites stop lying dude, the articles are correct verified by the scum bag dev who was dumping for the last month!

    2015-02-05 21:13:55 Tips(0.004XCP) Upvote(2) Downvote(1)
  • **tomeko@wp.pl Innovation:2 Marketing:1 Prospects1

    HAHAHA...So grab Your "CHEAP COINS" guys...;D

    2015-02-05 18:12:16 Tips(0.004XCP) Upvote(0) Downvote(1)
  • **ackykites Innovation:5 Marketing:5 Prospects5

    Deflationary currency. Only 2.6 million and shrinking. Smart contracts. CounterParty remains part of Medici, contrary to recent articles. Centralised counterparty (DTCC) processes 1.6 quadrillion dollars per year, 8.8 trillion us dollars per day. Do the math on what even 0.0001% of that could represent if Medici gains traction. IMO at this price it's a sure buy.

    2015-02-05 18:07:50 Tips(0.004XCP) Upvote(1) Downvote(1)
  • **tbox7 Innovation:4 Marketing:3 Prospects4

    Counterparty is not a scam, is simply correcting the price level before the bubble

    2015-02-05 17:01:12 Tips(0.004XCP) Upvote(0) Downvote(1)
  • **tomeko@wp.pl Innovation:2 Marketing:1 Prospects1

    Ladies and Gentlemen presenting You....ANOTHER SHITCOIN!!! Only liars and scammers..crypto will fall...

    2015-02-05 16:39:26 Tips(0.004XCP) Upvote(0) Downvote(1)
  • **lelukoyle Innovation:1 Marketing:1 Prospects1

    The greatest investment of all time! Falling from 0.025 to 0.005 in a few month. Keep it up! I want see more 0 after the point. Bunch of lying and naive b***.

    2015-02-05 14:23:42 Tips(XCP) Upvote(1) Downvote(0)
  • **evelle Innovation:5 Marketing:5 Prospects5

    awesome coin, awesome team

    2015-02-05 01:00:46 Tips(0.004XCP) Upvote(0) Downvote(1)
  • **mtiger Innovation:5 Marketing:5 Prospects5


    2015-01-30 04:19:25 Tips(XCP) Upvote(0) Downvote(1)
  • **hnyde Innovation:5 Marketing:5 Prospects5

    All orginal devs working still and they hire all the time new also. Bitcoin 2.0 what come make great work this year.

    2015-01-18 04:32:26 Tips(0.004XCP) Upvote(2) Downvote(0)
  • **irage Innovation:5 Marketing:5 Prospects5

    Stop spreading lies?

    2015-01-11 09:47:24 Tips(XCP) Upvote(3) Downvote(0)
  • Anonymous Innovation:3 Marketing:2 Prospects3

    it is an okay coin but half the team is gone and they are just copying Ethereum

    2015-01-10 07:22:07 Tips(XCP) Upvote(0) Downvote(7)
  • **vensuns Innovation:5 Marketing:5 Prospects5

    The first decentralized exchange, tied directly to BTC, XCP will be epic. If you believe in BTC, XCP is an essential investment.

    2014-12-31 20:16:22 Tips(XCP) Upvote(2) Downvote(0)
  • **nomouskid Innovation:1 Marketing:1 Prospects1

    it's going tits up guys SELLSELLSELL before it's too late!

    2014-12-17 23:07:11 Tips(XCP) Upvote(2) Downvote(5)
  • **tomeko@wp.pl Innovation:5 Marketing:3 Prospects5

    And only 2,6 mln XCP in supply :] Wait for Medici start announcement and and You will see true liquidity and support...

    2014-12-17 19:23:47 Tips(XCP) Upvote(2) Downvote(1)
  • Anonymous Innovation:3 Marketing:3 Prospects3

    No volume, no liquidity, no buy support, one early whale is selling of, only on 2 exchanges. Only hope that it will rise as fast as it went down.

    2014-12-17 19:14:23 Tips(0.004XCP) Upvote(1) Downvote(2)
  • **nomouskid Innovation:5 Marketing:5 Prospects5


    2014-12-17 19:06:26 Tips(XCP) Upvote(4) Downvote(0)
  • **irage Innovation:5 Marketing:5 Prospects5

    Time to buy :)

    2014-12-05 10:58:31 Tips(XCP) Upvote(1) Downvote(2)
  • **mgeneric Innovation:5 Marketing:1 Prospects5

    CP is a currently under-used asset coin that is built on top of the Bitcoin protocol. It will be interesting to see what happens when Medici is announced.

    2014-11-28 00:49:32 Tips(0.001XCP) Upvote(3) Downvote(0)